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The denver seeker's society's Journal
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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
8:49 pm
Chosen Roles

Lesser mark
C of underboss


Child of leader
Armory Access

Eldeen Reaches

Diviner Access

Lazar Principalities
Mror Holds
Siberus Mark

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
3:12 pm
Now that the Denver Nightbane campaign has rolled to a natural conclusion, I'll be using this community to voice my ideas about my upcoming campaign.  It will be set in Eberron, and will be the story of the return of the House of Vol, bearers of  the mark of death.  Characters will be members of the ruling echelon of House Phiarlan .  The responsibilities,perks, and assigned areas of control of a character will be auctioned off at character creation. 

Likely Perks -
Child of current house leader
Easy Access to Dvinations

General Positions - These positions indicate leadership over a group of specialists. 
Master of Horse - In charge of smuggling and moving agents.  House Value 1
Master of Guards - In charge of security at the house's central post in Sharn, as well as the house's men at arms in general.  House Value 1
Master of Performers - The house covers it's subterfuge and espionage with  a veneer of entertainment. Someone has to be in charge of that entertainment.  Very low prestige within the house, though people have to treat you as very important in public.  House Value 0, Minimum Bid 1, Have to be treated as House Value 5 when dealing with outsiders.
Master of Killers - In charge of assassination.  House Value 1
Master of Diviners - Magical Surveillance.  House Value 2.

Areas of Control
Aundair An educational stronghold, Aundair is known for it's universities and research.  Major Country.  Value 3.
Breland - Cosmopolitan Breland includes the city of Sharn, which will be the primary setting for the campaign. Sharn is, it's own seperate portion as far as the house is concerned.   Major Country.  Value 2.
Daargun - A country of goblinoids whose primary export is mercenaries. Minor Country.  Value 1.
Karnaath - A militant country, noted for using undead in its fighting forces.  Strongly aligned with the Mror Holds.  Major country(Unavailable to PCs)  House Value 2.
Mror Holds - Dwarf lands, home of the banking house, House Kundarak. Minor country.  House Value 1.
Sharn - The city of spires, it is home to both the House base and the central point of all
Thrane - Fundamentalist theocracy, home of the Church of the Silver Flame.  Major Country.  House Value 2.
Eldeen Reaches - A land of
Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
10:45 pm
Sniper Prestige Class


Minimum Heroic Level : 7th
Trained Skills : Stealth
Feats : Sniper(has two prerequisites)

Game Rule Information
Hit Points : 1d8
Force Points : 6+ 1/2 character level

Class Features

BAB : Full

Defense Bonuses
+4 Will, + 2 Reflex

Improved Notice Target : A target is treated as 5 squares closer for every level of sniper a character has when using the notice target skill.

Talents :  Scout Awareness Tree(48), Soldier Weapon Specialist Tree(53) Rifles only, Sniper Tree

Sniper Talent Tree
Exact Shot(As Scoundrel Dastardly Strike) : When you make a successful attack against a target denied it's Dex bonus to it's Reflex Save it moves -1 step along the condition track.

Reposition : The "Snipe" usage of the stealth skill becomes a swift action for you.  Prerequisite : Skill Focus : Stealth

Jarring Shots : A target hit by the sniper takes a  5 point penalty to his initiative.

Concussive Shot  : If an opening shot(the very first shot fired by a concealed sniper) breaches a target's Reflex and Will save, that target loses their next turn.

Lethal Shot : Conditions steps inflicted by the sniper to a target denied it's Dex bonus to it's Reflex Save are persistent, require a DC 20 Treat Injury check to be made and 24 hours of bed rest to remove.

Penetrating Shot : When using the sniper feat to ignore soft cover, you may use that same attack roll to hit the soft cover as well.  Prerequisite : Exact Shot
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
5:56 pm
The office of Denver's Mayor has been occupied by a Democrat since the municipal general election of 1963, including the current mayor, John Hickenlooper. Denver is represented at the federal level by congresswoman Diana DeGette, a Democrat representing Colorado's 1st congressional district, which includes all of Denver and parts of Arapahoe County.

Gerald R. Whitman Chief of Police

Larry Trujillo, Fire Chief
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